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Frequently Asked 

  • Where are you located?
    I live in Southwest Missouri and provide confidential, HIPAA compliant telehealth to people living in Florida, Missouri, and Washington state.
  • Online therapy? How does that work?
    I use a secure, HIPAA compliant online platform called Simple Practice. I will send you a link to complete intake paperwork prior to your first session with me. You'll complete this to give me a snapshot of your background, why you are seeking help, and some other details, which will help me be prepared for our first session. In the Simple Practice system, you have the option to set up automatic payments for your sessions using a debit card, credit card, or HSA card. I won't have access to your full card number, only the last four digits, so it is completely secure. You will receive a link to our appointments via your email address and/or mobile phone number. You have the ability to personalize how and when you receive these reminders.
  • Do you offer in-person therapy?
    At this time, I do not. I have found that Telehealth is very convenient for both myself and for you! You can attend your sessions from anywhere that you have a solid, secure internet connection, and you can even wear your pj's if you want to!
  • How much does it cost?
    Weekly sessions $175 Weekly 50- minute sessions are recommended for momentum purposes. Longer sessions or twice-weekly sessions can be made available if we decide that you could benefit from a deeper-dive into your work. As you see improvements we will discuss less frequent appointments or graduation. NOTE In keeping with my mission to be accessible, I do keep a limited number of reduced-fee slots available for clients with financial need. Please inquire.
  • What is the free consult?
    This is a free 15-20 minute virtual consultation. Most people find that it is really helpful for determining compatibility on things like your needs, my skills, and our schedules. You get to see my face, hear my voice, tell me what you’re struggling with, and what you’re hoping to accomplish. I get to tell you more about my professional background and experience and answer any of your questions. If we are not a match, I am happy to help you find someone who is.* If we decide that we are a good match, we then proceed to scheduling. I will then email you intake paperwork to complete through my confidential, HIPAA compliant Electronic Medical Records software. *PLEASE NOTE that I never take offense when a prospective client decides to work with someone else. I think that THE MOST important part of therapy is the relationship between you an your therapist. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes personalities just don't "click", and if that is the case, I would be happy to offer you some referral options.
  • How long should I expect to be in therapy?
    Length of therapy varies from person to person depending on a variety of factors including symptom reduction/elimination and successful attainment of goals. From time to time we will have a conversation how therapy is going for you, what is working, what else could be helpful. If you symptoms have abated and/or goals achieved, we will then discuss reducing frequency and/or ending treatment. This is a decision that is best made together, not by me alone. A well-planned and thoughtful closure to therapy is ideal where we can review our work together, discuss progress, and celebrate your accomplishments. This process can be a really powerful experience, especially for people who have had painful and abrupt losses in their lives.
  • Your per-session fee is higher than some therapists. Why?
    It is true that my session rate may be higher than some that you have seen. Unlike many other therapists, I do not see 8+ clients a day or 30+ a week. Self-care is an area where I "practice what I preach," so I keep a relatively small caseload so that I can bring my best self to each client. This also allows me to offer flexibility if/when clients need additional sessions, extended sessions, or rescheduling. Seeing fewer clients necessitates a higher per-session cost.
  • Why don't you take my insurance?
    As we all are well aware, health insurance is very complicated stuff. As a one-person business, I have made the conscious decision to start to get out of the insurance game and focus my energies on my clinical work instead. You may be able to be reimbursed by your policy however by submitting a receipt that I can provide for you. Give your insurance company a call and ask if you have Out-of-Network coverage (OON). Be sure to also ask about co-insurance, telehealth coverage, your OON deductible, allowed amounts, etc. so that you are clear on what your reimbursement amount will be.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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