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About Me

Benjamin France, LPC

I help people who feel disconnected in their lives reconnect to a life with the sense of purpose, happiness, and joy!

Benjamin France, LPC
Online therapist serving adults in Florida, Missouri, and Washington state.
About me:

I am a licensed professional counselor who is is passionate about helping adults find their optimum balance between the must-do's and the want-to's. I'll work with you to help you rediscover the things that you are truly passionate about and to learn why you have been neglecting them. You will learn to embrace this part of yourself without feeling like you are neglecting your responsibilities, and you will learn how to make this an enduring part of your life.

Working together, we will discover why it is that you have been putting so much focus on everyone and everything other than yourself. We will build creative ways to bring your passions back into your life. During this process, we'll work together to face any difficult feelings that come up for you as you start to make yourself a priority in your life.

In therapy, I use the analogy that we're taking a road trip together. You're driving, so you are probably focused on what is directly in front of you (at least hopefully so, I'm in this car too, you know.) As the passenger, I can look around and see things that might not be in your field of view, point them out, and go explore them with you if you decide to do so. 


I bring a caring, compassionate heart to our therapy relationship, and it's my goal that you always feel cared about, understood, and supported as you make the changes needed to rebalance your life. 

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