In individual therapy, you and I may explore a variety of issues that are causing you distress in your life.  This may include anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, life transitions, and many others. Nothing is off limits, and the content of our sessions is always kept confidential between you and I. You can expect me to be a caring fellow traveler in our sessions, helping to point out sites and insights that you might not see on your own.  The relationship between you and I is paramount, and I work to provide a safe, comfortable space between us for you to explore whatever challenges you are facing.

It's often said that "the real work of therapy happens in between the sessions" and I believe that this is often the case. In the spirit of that, I can provide you with homework assignments to work on in-between our face to face meetings. The goal is not for you to keep "busy," for for you to explore on your own and learn to value the true strength that you have inside yourself.